Gallery Artwork

We are happy to display the artwork of artists in our community.  Here is a sampling of work being shown in our salon.

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Geraldine Santiago

Paintings by Geraldine Santiago, who is currently exhibiting at Xten Salon.

  • IMG-20200128-WA0002.jpg
  • IMG-20200128-WA0003.jpg
  • IMG-20200128-WA0004.jpg
  • IMG-20200128-WA0005.jpg
  • IMG-20200128-WA0006.jpg
  • IMG-20200128-WA0007.jpg
  • IMG-20200128-WA0008.jpg
  • IMG-20200128-WA0009.jpg
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Janelle Fitz

Acrylic on canvas by Janelle Fitz, currently on display Xten Salon.

  • Janelle_Fitz_095612-sm.jpg
  • Janelle_Fitz_095624sm.jpg
  • Janelle_Fitz_095745sm.jpg