Our Staff

Kei Akita

Massage Specialist

Email: kei@xtensalon.com

Please note: Kei is currently away on a leave of absence.

After graduating college in Physiology, Kei (pronounced Kay) trained and practiced for six years in a Tokyo Seitai clinic. “I was one of eight practitioners who helped women improve their personal appearance through Seitai,” she explains. “Including our assistants, the clinic totaled about 15 staff. Before coming to Canada, I was also helping to educate new employees who were entering the field.”

Since coming to Vancouver in 2018, Kei has enjoyed treating clients in a multicultural environment. “The physique of Japanese women differs from that of many women in Canada. I find that I can now help women with different body types through the use of my Seitai practice. Posture is so important for everyone, but the body has its habits that are easy to fall back into.” When that happens, Kei explains, the head can ride down and forward producing many issues for the rest of the body.

While the initial introduction to Seitai massage may be to deal with a particular ache or pain, that symptom can help to set a person on a path to a more enjoyable physique. Working with a Seitai practitioner on a regular basis greatly helps people maintain physical health and alignment. “I recommend to people starting out that they schedule two or three sessions in the first week, then once a week for a month, reducing the frequency after that to three, two and one time per month. These sessions will help you to train your body and maintain your alignment for good health.”

As far as Kei’s own goals for the future, she explains that a part-time practice suits her best, reaching a maximum of perhaps only nine clients per week. “I enjoy working with the same clients over time, helping them feel the ongoing benefits that come from a properly aligned body. I also enjoy teaching and hope to someday teach Seitai to other practitioners.”

You can call for an initial appointment with Kei and assess how Seitai can bring out the best in your body.