Hiroshi Nakagawa

Email: ambidextrous_88@outlook.com

As one of the best stylists in Canada, Hiroshi provides his clients with a genuinely original and stunning look that is built upon their own unique bone structure, body structure, posture, profile and lifestyle.

Hiroshi studied hairstyling in Tokyo and worked with the famous New York hair stylist Yusuke Suga in Roppongi, Tokyo. In 1981, he joined a well established salon in Vancouver as a senior stylist until 1985 when he left to travel extensively as an art dealer in Asia & Europe, focused on ethnographic art [art and artifacts created by indigenous people of the world]. He returned to the hair industry in 1998.

Hiroshi’s real interest these days is in hair architecture, building up from a base of the bone structure, body structure, posture and profile. “I don’t really use the two dimensional view of the client in the mirror, but like to see these many aspects from a little farther away,” he explains. “It’s challenging, but I use everything combined and I like to see everything in proportion.” Hiroshi has a signature style that he has developed with clients over time. While he describes the technique as an “old school build-up”, he breaks down the formality of classic techniques. He also uses an “ambidextrous” style because it is easier for him to achieve a balance with the left side and the right side of the head, which is round, if he uses both hands in balance.

His clients can’t stop saying great things about him. Hiroshi says, “I have been seeking a new challenge and experience and I want to share my knowledge. I now try to deliver in natural and unpretentious ways, to express, create and customize in order to fit a client’s lifestyle.”

Whether you are seeking a fresh perspective, or just want one of the best haircuts of your life, consider experiencing what Hiroshi creates with you.